Orthodontic emergences are fortunately infrequent. If you follow our instructions carefully then very little will go wrong. However, occasionally you may run into problems.


Common Emergency Problems

• Broken fixed braces – either a bracket becomes detached or a wire slips out. Do your best by following the advice below and let the practice know about your problem. See video (click here)

• Broken removable brace – the plastic may crack or a wire may snap. Keep wearing it if you can but if it is uncomfortable stop wearing the brace and let the practice know about your problem.

• Lost removable brace – don’t wait for your teeth to move. Let the practice know about this problem and we can arrange replacements.


New Braces

Expect some discomfort from new braces, they are like new shoes and can rub to start with.

• Take your normal headache tablet if your teeth ache. You may need to take this regularly for the first 24-48 hours.

• New braces can make your teeth ache for the first THREE days but then it usually starts to get better.

• Use your wax pack as advised:

• Keep your braces very clean because infected gums can be painful.


Emergency Advice and Self Help for Fixed Braces

• If a fixed brace wire pokes out then you may be able to reposition it with your finger so that it is out of the way. Otherwise you may be able to cover the wire end with a bit of the soft wax we gave you at the start of treatment; suitable alternatives are wither a small piece of sugar-free chewing gum or a small piece of damp cotton wool!

• If a long piece of thin wire becomes dislodged from several brackets then you may be able to get someone else to clip it off with sharp nail clippers. Be careful not to swallow the loose fragment.

• If a fixed brace bracket becomes unstuck and causes discomfort you may be able to flip it over to face the tooth.


Emergency Appointments

We always keep a few emergency appointments free; please ring (0737 66 222 88) and let us know if you need one. These are very short appointments to get you out of discomfort.